Shop Policies

 We design, 3D print, cast, mold and pour each toy. Each handcrafted toy is a unique one of a kind piece and cannot be recreated. Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, surface imperfections, minor mold flaws and inconsistencies may occur and these do not affect the functional use of the toy. We strive for perfection and inspect every toy. We will discount toys with flaws that we feel are outside normal imperfections and inconsistencies. Such toys will be labeled as FLOPS in the title of the listing. There are a variety of reasons for a toy to be flopped, these include, but are not limited to, excessive pigment flecks, air bubbles, mis-trimmed bottom/ base. We typically will discount a flop $3 - $10 depending on the severity of the imperfection. 

We wash and boil each toy before bagging. It is recommended that you wash your toy with mild soap and water and boil your toy for at least 5 minutes before the first use. Your new toy will come with care instructions. With proper care your toy should last for years to come. At this time we do not offer a warranty for any of our products.

Please be aware that all of our products are made in a pet friendly home. We have a dog, but do our best to keep our work area as clean as possible. 

By making a purchase you confirm that you are at least 18 year of age, agree to our site terms, are aware of your governing laws (local and national) pertaining to our products and are aware that Gelatinous Creations website contains adult material. 

We reserve the right to cancel/refund orders or refuse service to any individual for any reason.

Gelatinous Creations, LLC is not responsible for injuries related to the use of our products. By purchasing and using our products, you hold Gelatinous Creations, LLC, and all of it's employees, free from claims, liability, losses, fees, damages of any kind and attorney fees. As a consumer, you take full responsibility for knowing the limits of your own body. Use at your own risk. If you are not sure how to use a product safely, do not purchase that product.