Medium Ayna 00-20

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Gelatinous Creations is a small indie fantasy sex toy maker.
All creations are handmade with 100% body safe platinum cure silicone.

Premade Medium Ayna / Super Soft firmness 00-20  


Opening: 1.25 inches x 1 inch  
Circumference 10 inches
Length: 5.25 inches

*The creation in the photo is the one you will receive along with care and cleaning instructions.
*Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly.
*Buyers must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.

*The last photo is for size reference only and is not the one you will receive. 

DISCLAIMER: Please read
Gelatinous Creations is not legally responsible for injury or harm that may be caused by our products and toys. Use at your own risk.

All toys made at Gelatinous Creations are made of 100% body safe platinum cure silicone. We design, cast, mold and pour each toy. Each handcrafted toy is a unique one of a kind piece and cannot be recreated. Due to the handcrafted nature of our products, surface imperfections, faint seam lines, minor mold flaws and inconsistencies may occur and these do not affect the functional use of the toy. We strive for perfection and inspect every toy. We will discount toys with flaws that we feel are outside normal imperfections and inconsistencies. Such toys will be labeled as flops in the title of the listing.