Cryptic Chest Mystery Box

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You're adventuring in the dungeon and you stumble across a treasure chest. Who put it there? What's inside? Do you dare open it? Time will tell. But, you better hurry. Someone or something is coming...

The Cryptic Chest is a Mystery Box. If you like surprises then this is for you!

Your Cryptic Chest could include any one of our models. 
You simply select the size of box that you want. The size of the box will determine the size of toy that you will receive.
The silicone firmness will either be 00-50 (medium firmness) or 00-30 (soft firmness).
You will also receive EXTRAS such as, but not limited to diCe rings, cubeings, scarab eggs, Gelatinous cubes, dice or a mini pacman frog!
From time to time we experiment with different pour techniques. The toy you receive may be an experimental pour.
The toy that you receive could be a toy that is listed in the shop or one that is not currently listed.